Art Car Season

It’s art car season…again.

For the past 22 years, the beginning of spring has been the time to tend to all things art car. In the early days, this was about making an art car and building a website, both tasks that I knew very little about…

It was 1995. The worldwide web was new, and the art car community was young. We only knew one person connected to art cars: our sound guy,  Ken Crimmins. It was Ken who got us involved with the art car community. He told us we were being ‘called by God’ to come be a part of the art car world.

Dusty Dave the Dolphin

Dusty Dave the Dolphin built by Tom Kennedy, commissioned by Art Cars in Cyberspace

It has been five very long years since I updated the home page on the Art Cars in Cyberspace website… three years before that since actual parade photos were posted. That last post was 2009. The year Tom Kennedy died.

So much has changed since then, in the world, in our country, in the community, in me.

In December 2016, a received an email from someone who “noticed” has been inactive for a long time and offered me $500 to buy the domain name.

We have owned for 22 years. We have invested thousands of dollars in internet charges, spent countless hours in front of a computer writing html code and processing images and took a boatload of photographs and video of art cars, car artists, installations, performances, events, parties, rampages, parades, etc.

And through all of this, I have come to realize that my efforts to support the art car community by creating a web portal called ‘Art Cars in Cyberspace’ was more about discovering myself than anything else.

After Tom’s death, I began to focus on my art – without the car, without the community, without much contact with anyone but my pen, brushes and paper.

Yet, still each spring,  I look for dollar store gerbera daisies to glue onto the roof of my car, my art car, my daily driver, Golda.

Skull on the roof of my car Golda

And, when I drive my art car, people still comment, smile, and snap an occasional photo.

Last year, at the ripe old age of 57, I finally began to call myself an artist. To a large extent, that happened because of art cars, all those cars, all those photos, all those hours of computer work, all those dollars, all those tears, and hugs, and laughs and song. And, all those people who showed me… me.

Thank you.